6 0 Powerstroke Fuel Filter Leak

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6 0 Powerstroke Fuel Filter Leak - Dec 16, 2011  · I have an 05 6.0 Powerstroke F-250 4WD, on cold starts it leaks fuel onto the ground (leaving a spot on driveway about the size of an 27" tv set) Upon warming up the fuel leak seems to stop. I have narrowed the leak down to the fuel filter area on top of the engine/fuel control module area but cannot seem to isolate the actual leak.. Apr 05, 2012  · I got a 6.0 it has has a fuel leak at the back of the engine. It looks like it is next to the turbo on the drivers side. It also has issues running when first starting up it runs good, then when I rev it up it runs horible then I noticed the fuel leak dripping on the floor.. Jun 26, 2013  · Look at the secondary fuel filter / pressure regulator housing. Could be a loose fuel line, loose filter cap, or the regulator cover has been known to crack around the bolt holes and leak..

Related Accessories Vehicle Manual. Complete o-ring and seal kit for the fuel filter/fuel regulator assembly for Ford 6.0L diesel. When the fuel filter assembly is disconnected or removed during a repair, it will often leak when put back into service.. Jun 18, 2018  · Ford F350 6.0 Diesel Leaking oil or fuel. Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ed2hess, Apr 29 Messages: 15,203. There is a fuel or oil leak on top of engine. What is the device in picture next to the oil filter cannister? That may have gasket leak? All of the grease was washed off a few months ago. No oil change recently. ed2hess. High Performance Fuel System Stage 1 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Remove fitting that is in the fuel filter housing where the fuel line was just removed. Run vehicle and the recheck for any fuel leaks. We strive to make our instructions as clear and complete as possible. To achieve this, our.

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